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Behind It All

I guess you could call PearlBoysz the culmination of all the ideas we’ve been having over the years we’ve known each other. Even early on we knew that we wanted to be a collective and really stand on something. Fashion is probably only second to music as being the “thing'“ that brings us together. Growing up in New York City forces you to acknowledge the fashion, the value of individuality. Black men breaking the stigmas of what it means to be one.


“PearlBoysz to me is a brand as well as a lifestyle.most people don’t realize pearls on a male are unorthodox. Which is what a pearlboy or pearlgurl is to me, unorthodox in character.”

VernDolla$, Artist/Co-Founder

“the masculine figure acknowledging their femininity”

— PurP, creative director/Co-Founder

“The pearls are also a representation of challenging the archaic mentalities… We hope to inspire others—especially men—to embrace themselves in healthy ways, ways that they alone define.”

Raw, management

“PearlBoysz… is how you maneuver through life. Are you coasting by or are you pearling everything you touch?“

Cass, The Jeweler

“PearlBoysz to me is an identity. It’s what me and the guys have basically been doing for years… pearls being incorporated into everyday life and… going against the grain.”

Naepluto, photographer

“Pearlboysz is not just a clothing brand. We are an outlet to the youth that fully embraces being different.”

Marc, Management